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A Living Will, or more formally an Advanced (Medical) Decision, clearly communicates your decisions about your medical care at a time when you are unable to. It informs your family, friends and health professionals your decisions regarding whether you choose to permit or refuse certain treatments in various circumstances. Such decisions are never easy to make, but by doing so

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Rules Of Intestacy

When a person dies either without making a Will at all or without making a valid Will; then their estate is distributed in accordance with a prescribed set of rules.  The first thing to be aware of is that only married couples, civil partners and blood relatives can inherit under these rules.  Where there are no living relatives; the Crown

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Incorrect Assumptions About Guardianship

A Will does not only deal with your assets, but also with the appointment of people to look after your children; known as guardians. A guardian is required where a child is under 18 years of age and there is no surviving person with parental responsibility. The sad fact is that at least one parent dies every half hour in

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Common & Costly Mistakes People Make When Planning Their Will

Everyone should have a Will, especially if you have children, own a property or run a business. The assets that you own at your demise are collectively known as your estate. If you die without a valid Will, you would have no control over what happens to your estate and who it would go to. Not Keeping Them Up To

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